Bedikah Cloths.
Online. To your door.

Jewish woman all over the world, throughout the generations, have been
observing the Laws of Family Purity with particular dedication.
Sourcing your Examination Cloths has never been easier. Order your Bedikah Cloths with one click, and receive them at your door 24 hours later.
Fulfilled by Amazon - Full Confidentiality.

Bedikahcloths 40 Pack

Extra Soft Bedikah Cloths
£ 4
Per Pack
  • Extra Soft - Suitable For Sensitive Skin
  • Approved Kosher By The Badatz Jerusalem
  • 24 Hours Delivery Via
  • Full Confidentiality - Dispatched Via Automated System

See What Some Of Our Clients Say...

"I've managed to promote Teharas Hamispacha to my friends, thanks to, we live in Frankfurt, Germany and it was always complicated to get these examination cloths (bedikeh cloths), we can now order them and receive them within 24 hours which is very useful. Thank you again for creating this Non Profit service."
“I was introduced to a few months ago when I started a Kiruv program in France, it's amazing how people created this amazing website. It is such a big help for our community in Lion."

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