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We created this website to help other yiden create this mizvah. Please donate, so we can help more and more...

Our goal is to help Yidden create this Mizvah of teharas hamispacha with ease.

Badei Penina premium Bedikah cloths were developed with the sole intent of helping Jewish women perform the mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha with ease. Each examination cloth goes through rigorous quality control to ensure superior quality and ultimate softness. Approved by leading Rabbanim throughout the world, Badei Penina checking cloths are made of a pure white, uncontaminated, soft cotton that is noticeably gentler and highly absorbent. This allows even the most sensitive individuals to perform this sacrosanct mitzvah with ease.

Our Team

We are based in Jerusalem Europe and  in the UK. was founded in 2018 and is a non profit chesed organisation, designed to help other yiden with this sacrosanct mitzvah.

If you have any questions about theharas hamispacha and bedikah cloths we advice you to ask a Rabbi or you can search for more information at,