Mikvah Calendar 2019-2020

Mikvah Calendar

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U.K. Mikvah Calendar 2019/2020


Mikvah observance lies at the core of Jewish family life. Jewish tradition teaches that there are three partners in a marriage: the husband, the wife, and G-d. Observing the laws of family purity gives a couple the opportunities to bring holiness and sanctity into their marriage and welcome G-d into their home. Our calendar makes it simpler than ever before to keep the detailed laws of family purity with confidence and ease.

As you enter, we hope that you will begin to experience the tranquility and holiness that characterize performance of the mitzvah of Mikvah. We are privileged to be by your side as you anticipate the spiritual rejuvenation and intimacy that each Mikvah cycle brings. May divine blessings of spiritual and material well-being continue to rain down and permeate your marriage and your home.



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