Our story

Our goal is to help Yidden observe 
the mitzvah of taharas hamispacha with ease.

Jewish women have always kept The Laws of Family Purity with particular dedication. One of the integral elements of this unique Mitzvah is the Bedikah-Examinations that take place in the days prior to the Mikvah immersion. However, accessibility to the special cloths that are used for this purpose can be limited. Often, procuring these cloths can be complicated and expensive.

 Bedikahcloths.com ships packets of ‘Badei Penina’ Examination Cloths all over the U.K. & Europe, via Amazon.co.uk, to ensure that every single Jewish woman can access Bedikah Cloths easily, quickly, and affordably. 

‘Badei Penina’ premium Bedikah Cloths were developed with the sole intent of helping Jewish women perform the Mitzvah easily. Each examination cloth goes through rigorous quality control to ensure superior quality and ultimate softness. Approved by leading Rabbanim throughout the world, Badei Penina checking cloths are made of a pure white, uncontaminated, soft cotton that is noticeably gentle and highly absorbent. This allows the Mitzvah to be performed in the most comfortable manner, even for individuals with the most sensitive skin.

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